A transport these parts from intermediate location to the

Lithography tool is the central equipment which is used in IC manufacturing
process. A lithography tool is very expensive, modern state of art EUV tool can
cost up to €100 million or more. The “litho” tool is supposed to operate 24X7
in order to meet the chip demand. As a litho tool is one of the most important
tool in chip manufacturing process, it also becomes a bottleneck during its
downtime, wafers cannot be processed without being exposed on a litho tool.
Therefore, it is very important that the tool is available for approximately 99%
of time. SLA for tool availability are 99 %. In order
to meet these availability SLA’s, ASML stocks service and spare parts locally in
local warehouses which are located near customer locations. By keeping critical
service and spare parts close to customer location ASML reduces the risk of
long or extreme long downtime at the customers. (ASML,n.d.)

ASML uses multi-echelon network planning which allows
centralization of stock to optimize supply chain costs and service levels. A local  warehouse is 
used to meet local demand SLA

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