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    Do you think moving a new place is a good
thing? Moving from place to place or from one home to another is defined as a
way to obtain a better life. For instance, people living in bad conditions move
into more comfortable homes or workers change their locations to derive
benefits from new job opportunities. Morever, moving may be accepted as an
aspect in life such as getting married and pursuing a good career. Also, people
moving to another place can establish new friendships. However, some people
have to move from one place to another place. Adults and children are afected
differently by this migration.

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   To begin with, moving from place to place
negatively affects adults. Firstly, when adults decide to migrate from one home
to another, they have to deal with financial challenges. They must rent a new
home and if the home is aged, they need to have it repaired. Not only payment
for home, they also require to buy new furniture and they have to pay
transportation expenditure. This causes them to face hard conditions. The
second effect on mature people is that altering place can pose adaptation
problems to them. If adults move to new place, they can face diffuculties in
adaptation because they not only displace their homes, they also change their
life style.In the first time, they do not know where everything is. For
example, they pay the water bill, tax bill or phone bill, but they do not know
where a bank or a post office is. Also, they do not have any information about where
the supermarket is so they can not satisfy their daily needs. On the other
hand, in the process of movement, adults have to meet new friends and
neighbours and they must get used to them. Also, this takes a long time.
Besides, because of seperating from their other friends and neighbours, they
can not come together often, they spend their time lonely so they can feel
alone. People in the process of movement may be slog away at adaptation period
or even they may go into depression.


  Not only adults, but also children can be
negatively affected to movement. First, children may face some problems related
to their schools and curriculum. When students move from one home to another,
they have to change their schools. Changing schools can be very stressful and
difficult. Their teachers and friends alter so they are hard to adopt because
they do not know anyone and may feel alone. For this reason, they may not want
to go to the school. Tanks to shifting school, students may think that they are
ostracised. In the same time, their curriculum, boks and dicipline rules become
different so they need a long time to acclimate. This may cause students to get
lower grades. For these reasons, being involved in migration may contribute to
repeated schools. Another impact on children is about their social environment.
If their home is accommodated, they come away from their old friends and
neighbours so their stability of relations may be broken and this causes them
to feel alone and distresing. As they miss old relations they do not want to do
anything. Also, they have to meet new friends but forming intimate friendships
takes a long period. As seen, replacement a home affects children by altering
their whole life.


  In conclusion, some people can not control
over where they work or live so they have to modify their place but this
situation sometimes influences them negatively. In this period, people should accept
this event and they should think they are starting new life. However, children
are more vulnerable than adults so their adjustment period may take more long. For
this reason, adults should be more interested in their children.