For than laptops (, 2017). HP Pavilion -22-b235qe and

                                                                                                                                                                              For the above chosen hardware assets the necessary technical
specification and information as to why these products were chosen is given below.

1.  Desktop computers.

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Since the employees in each department has fixed
positions, the use of desktop computers was determined to be a more suitable
choice than laptops, as desktops computers are designed to be used in a single location.
Moreover desktop computers usually have a more powerful processor with more
features than laptops (, 2017).

      HP Pavilion -22-b235qe and HP ENVY – 24-b240
is an all-in one
desktop computer.

Both the PC has a preinstalled Microsoft Windows10 Home (64-bit
edition) operating system, which is cost effective and productive as it can
support complex software’s. Both the PCs include wireless technology which
includes wireless display, Bluetooth, Intel® My WiFi Technology, Ethernet LAN,
and Wi-Fi which is needed to meet the specific standards of the hospital (CNET,

2.      Printers
                                                                                                                                   HP OfficeJet Pro 8740

This is an all-in-one printer that is
used to print, copy, scan and fax. Prints with a resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi
and with a speed of 24 ppm Black / 20 ppm Colour. This multi-task printer is cost effective and saves time
and space as there is no need to buy separate devices to copy, scan and fax
(Harrel, 2016).                                                         


TM-T88V Thermal Receipt Printer                                                               
printer is easy to configure and install. It is fast, reliable and compatible
with iOS,                                                                 
          Android, Windows mobile
services. It offers fast printing up to 300 mm/second for both                                                              text and
graphics, with new features and dual interfaces. In addition, the TM-T88V is
ENERGY STAR qualified and offers print options that reduce paper usage up to 30
percent (BarcodesInc, 2017).


3.      Barcode readers 

LI4278-TRBU0100ZWR Barcode Scanner

This is a cordless
scanner with Bluetooth compatibility. This allows cashiers to easily                                            scan inside and outside
of the cash wrap. In addition, Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR provides better
encryption for improved security and better energy management to preserve power
for a full shift and easy pairing with the host device (BarcodesInc, 2017).


Optoma – HD27
1080p DLP Projector


 This portable projector can be set virtually
in any room and the integrated speaker provides sound with high quality therefore
it is suitable for all the meetings and conference purposes (bestbuy, 2017).


hardware assets are chosen in accordance to suit the proposed budget.

Total budget for hardware: 2,












1.1       Requirements
and specifications


The following table includes the softwares required
for the hospital in order to function effectively and efficiently.



Microsoft office professional

76,450.97/- *22


12,448/- *04

 Cashier live

11,479.50/- *02

AVG Ultimate

12,243.27/- *22




These softwares were chosen in order to make work
more productive and effective thereby, enhancing the performance of the

 Microsoft office
professional 2016 was chosen for
all the PCs in each department. Microsoft office professional 2016 includes the
fully installed office applications such as Word 2016, Excel
2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016, Outlook
2016, Publisher 2016, and Access 2016 (Microsoft, 2017).

Ultimate is security suite that
was chosen for all the PCs in each department. Tsoftware stops viruses, spyware
and malware outbreaks and also blocks unnecessary emails attachments, links,
downloads spams and scams. Its main new feature is to secure personal folders with
enhanced ransomware protection, which is very important for the hospital in
order to secure patients information (AVG, 2017).

Disa*Lab is
a multi-disciplinary laboratory information system (LIS) software chosen for
all the PCs in the lab. This system software provides all aspects of laboratory
requirements from basic generation of lab reports to sample tracking, online
instrumentation, data analysis auditing and interfacing laboratory instruments.
The main purpose of choosing this software is because it can be used for
various labs such as biochemistry, microbiology, hematology,   cytology, histology (Anatomical Pathology),
serology, and Immunology. Therefore this software can meet the needs of any
type of labs in the hospital (Capterra, 2017).

Live is a web based point of sale (POS) system software
for pharmacy specific operations. This software manages inventory effectively
by keeping track of suppliers, products, description, and prices. Cashier live
establishes comprehensive user security system with the servers secured with
fire walls and intruder protection therefore this software is chosen with
regard to network security. Hence, this software is intended for the pharmacist
and cashier (Elizabeth, 2017).

Total budget for software: 2,024,024.28/- LKR











2.1       Infrastructure   -tree
network (topology)



Justification and budget

tree topology consists of groups of star configured workstations connected to a
linear bus backbone cable. This topology was chosen because it is easy to
increase the size of the network by adding new components, without disturbing
the existing architecture. Therefore any addition or changes of departments in
the future can be done easily; unlike in linear bus topology where terminators
are required at both ends of the backbone cable to terminate the connections as
there is a limit to the central cable length and the number of nodes connected.
The tree network can be divided into many segments as shown in the
infrastructure, and can be easily managed and maintained ( techopedia, 2018).Each
segment is provided with point to point wiring therefore if one segment is
damaged other segments are not affected, as in the case of the channeling
departments if a fault  occurs in the
channeling department of the first floor this will not affect the channeling
department in the second floor although the computers of both the floors are
connected. Whereas networks containing only star topology cannot survive this
fault because if the hub or concentrator fails the entire nodes attached to it
becomes disabled. All computers in the tree network have access to the higher
and their immediate networks, hence time-sensitive data need not to wait.
Unlike other networks, fault detection and troubleshooting is easy in this type
of topology. This kind of tree network is highly supported by hardware and
software vendors (Mitchell, 2017).                                                                                                                         

Hardware requirements for
this network and the budget:

TP-LINK 7-Port USB Hub includes 2-power charge ports. The USB 3.0 port transfers
data at a high speed at a rate of up to 5Gbps, ten times faster than USB 2.0. UH720 adds 7 additional USB ports to the
PC, making it unnecessary to switch between devices. UH720 also includes hot
plugging features and multiple protections (HP, 2017).                                                   Cost: 7692.46/- *5 = 38,462.3/-LKR

HP DVI to DVI Cable is
compatible with the desktop computers chosen. DVI is a single link connector
with a length of 6.56 ft (HP, 2017).                                                                                  
Cost: 2923.72/- * 60 = 175,423.2/-LRS

budget for network: 213,885.5/- LKR



As most of the
departments rely on the internet to perform various tasks, high-speed internet
connection is vital for the hospital to function efficiently. There are many
ways these hardware devices can connect to the internet but to maintain an
efficiency standard, Wifi network is used. Wifi is a wireless networking
protocol that allows devices to communicate without internet codes (Pinola,

The proposed connectivity
mechanism is:

Broadband: Web Pro

This is an SLT
Broadband’s fiber (FTTx) technology based package. Download Bandwidth is up to
100Mbps and upload bandwidth up to 50Mbps. The package offers a monthly usage
volume of 95 GB with additional free usage volume of 140 GB and with a total of
235 GB monthly usage (SLT, 2017).


 The fiber technology provides
consistent, uninterrupted high speed internet connection with a download speed
of upto100Mbps. This speed cannot be provided by other broadband connections
such as ADSL where the maximum speed is 16Mbps and 4G/Lite with a maximum speed
of 8Mbps. The hardware devices that depend on internet connection can directly
affect an employees’ productivity and the care and service they can provide to
a patient, this why the need for a high speed data connection is vital for the
hospital to function efficiently and smoothly (RSN, 2017)







Threats and solution


hospitals’ information security is a major concern that needs to be dealt with.
Since the patients’ health records are digitized; there is the danger of health
information becoming compromised or stolen outright.                                                                                                                      
There are various types of security threats, in which the most common
ones are virus, which is a self-replicating, malicious code that attaches
itself to an application program and system components and leaves no
obvious signs of its presence. Its aim is only to destroy the computer. Whereas
worm is a malicious program that replicates and spread from one computer to
another across network connections often taking up the computer’s hard disk
space due to replication and spreading. Other malware includes spyware which gathers
information about internet users without their knowledge and delivers that
information to those who have access to the information this is where hackers
come into play. Users can get spyware in their systems by downloading certain
programs or in the form of a virus. Similarly phishing is a fake website
which is designed to look almost like the original website. The user is tricked
to update information into the fake website, which is the main purpose of the
attack so that it can steal the identity of the victim. Finally spam refers to
electronic junk mail or unsolicited email. In addition to being a nuisance,
spam also eats up a lot of network bandwidth (Prince, 2009)                                                                               

The main way to prevent malware is to install and
maintain anti-virus software. The chosen anti-virus software is AVG Ultimate
2016 .This is a security
suite which includes all-in-one antivirus, anti-malware, privacy protection and
tune up software package. The software also has enhanced fire walls to keep
hackers away which is very important for the hospital in order to secure
patients information (AVG, 2017).                                                                                                                    It
is also important to ensure that the anti-virus software is up to date. The
hospital should also develop an information security policy where restrictions
are made when using the internet. All users must be aware of their roles and
responsibility under this policy to promote online safety. To prevent loss it is
important to backup critical data and regularly monitor networks and system
logs as they can assist in early identification of computer virus and hackers
(BHconsulting, 2017).

Apart from network security,
threats from burglars and hackers who can directly steel from the hospital also
needs to be considered. Therefore the following CCTV cameras are provided to
maximize the security levels.

Jooan Night Vision Wireless CCTV Security Camera is a waterproof bullet camera with an optimal resolution of
1080p. This camera is intended for all the departments including general areas.

Cost: 20860.20/- * 15 = 312,903/-LKR

GRC vehicle mounted laser ptz camera security system is a waterproof infrared camera security system that can detect
a distance of 3000m in daytime and1000m at night. This camera is intended
for use outside the building and in the parking area.

Cost: 208602.00/- *03 = 625,806/=LKR

budget for security: 938,709/- LKR