Forbidden theme of love between two lovers. The scopes

love of Stephen Meyer’s Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in “Twilight”.


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                  The aim of this study is to analyze
the two main characters in Stephen Meyer’s “Twilight” on the theme of forbidden
love. The focus of this study is the love story of Bella Swan and Edward
Cullen. Throughout history, love has existed in various forms in various works.
Love is not that makes us to hold on to life when we feel desperate or makes us
desperate when everything is well. As Ovid Says, “love cannot be cured by herbs”.
If their love had not been forbidden, most probably this work would not have
appreciated. In this study, two major characters’ love is analyzed. Bella falls
in love with Edward when she first time sees him at school. Although, she comes
to know that Edward is a vampire and he might be dangerous for her, but she is
not worried about it. The study also attempts to find difficulties in their
way. This study is limited to mainly focusing on these two main characters.


                         The research shows the forbidden love
of true lovers. This research will help the new researcher in exploring the
ways of true love. Moreover, this research interprets the sufferings, pains and
difficulties, faced by the lovers in their hour of misery and how they faced
these problems. In this way, this research lends a great help to the new
researchers working on the theme of love between two lovers. The scopes and
values of this study are vast because love between two lovers, is not an
ordinary theme rather has importance and value in all over the world.



Research questions:

                                       The objective of this study is to
analyze the relationship between the two main characters in “Twilight”, Bella
Swan and Edward Cullen, to see how the love they hold for one another is
expressed. However, the main characters are Bella and Edward and there is quite
a lot to be discussed by mainly focusing on just the two of them, and that is
what this research will therefore do.

I will base
the study around the following questions:

1.  How do Bella and Edward express their love for
one another?

2.  How do they face problems in their way?

3.  What do their actions say of their love for
one another?

4. What is
the significance of love in Twilight?

I will try
to answer these questions by analyzing the certain parts of the novel in which
these two characters express their love for one another in some way.