Prof. has excellent communication skills. His written work is



                     Prof. Dilip Kumar De


Physics Department

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Admission office,

of Physics,

The University of Texas at El Paso,

W University Ave, El Paso,

79968, USA.


Dear Sir/Ma,


It is my great pleasure to
recommend Mr. ADEOYE OLUDE IFEOLUWA who has applied for the MASTER PROGRAM in
PHYSICS at The University of Texas at El Paso

Adeoye renowned himself by submitting an exceptionally
well researched and motivating project on the ‘Construction of an automatic
transfer switch with a mains failure alarm’. I would rank him
in the top 2% of students that I have taught in the past four years in respect
of his writing ability and research skills.

I have taught him several courses
such as quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Methods, Special theory of relativity
during his undergraduate courses in my University. His
overall intelligence is also reflected in his grades for these courses, which
were by far the best in the class.  At
a personal level, Adeoye is
a good, hardworking, intelligent, industrious, well-disciplined and meritorious
student with
a pleasant personality
who was among the top 8 of his class of 40 students. He is honest, respectful
to seniors and God-fearing.


Adeoye has excellent communication
skills. His written work is clear and concise, as well as exciting to read. He
demonstrated his oral eloquence in the discussion sections that were an
integral part of the course. Each discussion section focused on Lasers.
Students were required to investigate morally problematic circumstances, and to
develop and argue for their own views with regard to the issue in question.
Adeoye was highly proficient in applying the course material in analyzing the
problem situations. He always explained his views very concisely and gave supporting
arguments that were both clear and persuasive. Adeoye also demonstrated good
teamwork skills in group assignments. He possesses great leadership skills,
ability to priotize, problem solving skills ability to work under pressure,
ability to focus on projects, professional expertise. Adeoye has had trouble
delegating duties to others because he felt he could do things better himself.
This has sometimes backfired because he would end up with more than he could
handle and the quality of his work would suffer. But he has taken courses in
time management and learned effective delegation techniques, and I know he has
overcome this weakness.


He went well outside the course
requirements in the quantity and quality of his research project, putting in a
lot of extra research and attending office hours every week. Throughout the
course, Adeoye demonstrated great determination and initiative. Not only was he
interested in and motivated to learn the material, but he also put great work
into assimilating it to his own experience and developing his own ideas about each
topic that we discussed.


Adeoye is unquestionably an outstanding
candidate for graduate study in Physics. Adeoye’s work in PHY 429 suggests that
he would greatly benefit from the opportunities for intellectual development
provided by a sustained period of graduate study. He has proven himself to have
the perseverance, initiative, and intellectual creativity necessary to complete
an advanced graduate degree


I would therefore highly recommend
Adeoye Olude. If his performance in my class is a good indication of how he
would perform as a graduate student, he would be an extremely positive asset to
your program. I
unhesitatingly recommend him for admission with necessary assistance to pursue
his higher academic career in your University. Please feel free to ask me any
question you might have on him.



Dilip Kumar De




Professor of Physics


[email protected]