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Proper Family Planning Principles Research Paper


The author of this report has been asked to address health promotion, disease prevention and general wellness of a particular form. The chosen intervention is education of the affected patients. The given malady that will be prevented will be obesity. The level of prevention will be primary prevention. Finally, the target population of the intervention will be pregnant women. While a good amount of weight gain is expected and normal when it comes to a pregnancy, the gains need to be commensurate with the size of the woman having the baby and the size of the fetus at any given time.

Right off the top, there should be a statement of why the author of this report is so engrossed and focused on weight management for pregnant women. It is very important that pregnant women, no matter how risk the pregnancy otherwise is, are at a good weight before, during and after the pregnancy so as to keep both the mother and the child as healthy as possible. The author holds this to be important because it keeps health maladies for fetuses and newborns to a minimum and also keeps the mother healthy as well. All of the above is a delicate balance. If a mother is too lean during a pregnancy, it can lead to lack of nutrients and other important things being supplied to the child. If a woman is too heavy, it can harm her and, by extension, the child. Further, prevention is a huge thing to accomplish when it comes to this because correcting obesity mid-pregnancy is very hard to pull off given what is otherwise going on and huge swings in physical activity, diet and so forth should be avoided. Indeed, if obesity is not present upon fertilization and it is fended off continuously as the pregnancy goes on, the impact to the mother and the fetus is kept to a minimum.

It is very important for mothers to prepare for a pregnancy in terms of thought, practice and physical condition. If at all possible, pregnancy should be avoided until those things are properly in place. Of course, this does not always happen and corrective measures can be taken post-impregnation. However, it is noted above and should be stressed again that being prepared in advance and heading off problems before they start is by far the easier course to take. This topic and theā€¦

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