“Why it is a system that I will thrive

“Why do you want to transfer to Miami?” Last Winter I was rejected by the University of Miami. I had to read those dreaded words, “we regret to inform you…”. I will never forget that day or those words. Yet here I am applying again. Only this time, things have changed. I am a completely different student. I have now taken college classes and proven that I am an exceptional student at the collegiate level. I can now prove that I have the work ethic and determination to succeed in advanced coursework.  I may be a different student, but my motives to apply are the same. Miami is an exceptional school and the optimal learning environment for myself. The city Proximity to a city is a strong signal of future wealth. A 2010 study from the Mckinsey Global Institute found that two-thirds of economic growth will take place in cities. Also in cities: intense competition. In sports, to improve your game you play against better athletes. Metropolitan areas like Miami attract top-level talent that forces you to vie with the best. Living in a city isn’t just the key to career opportunities, it’s also a catalyst for growth and development. The BrandThe college degree is the ultimate advantage. Over a lifetime, a college graduate will make two times as much as someone without a degree. However, I believe there are additional benefits to graduating from Miami. As a private research university, the school boasts global prestige. The U embodies swagger and possesses a reputation that warrants respect. I want to take part in this culture; not only for the branding benefits and networking opportunities but for the chance to represent the University of Miami. The education I have always been interested in the fields of technology and finance. Most of my passion stems from outside the school environment. I feel as though the Miami undergrad business curriculum plays right into my strengths as a student. As a program that is constructed upon the core principles of out-of-classroom learning and real-world experience, I feel as though it is a system that I will thrive in. Experiential learning opportunities such as the Student Managed Investment Fund and groups such as the Entrepreneurship club are also huge incentives. The privilege to receive a world class business education in such a unique,  distinguished learning environment is by far the most attractive aspect of the university.   When people ask why I want to attend Miami they basically question what I value in the school. The truth is, I value my future. I see more than a fun time in a beautiful area. I see opportunity. Deep down, I know that if given the chance I will go on to accomplish great endeavors. I owe my success to all those who believed in me. The University of Miami is just the first step but also the most important. If given the chance, I will represent the school to the highest degree; making my name synonymous with the greatness that is The U. One day I will find great pride in being able to give back to the school that took a chance on me. That’s what I hope to achieve.